Programs to be implemented

Sensitivity Training: Develop a in-person training for all court staff that focuses on the importance of treating everyone who appears before the court fairly and respectfully.
Make sure the training includes information about recognizing and avoiding bias and discrimination, as well as recognizing and avoiding unconscious bias.
Ensure that the training includes training on how to handle difficult situations and how to de-escalate conflicts.
Incorporate a system of checks and balances to ensure that the court staff is following the training protocols.

Visibility in the Community: Create a public outreach program that encourages community members to come to the court and observe proceedings.
Host community forums to discuss issues related to the court system and how it can better serve the community.
Develop a system for giving community members the opportunity to provide feedback about their experiences with the court system.
Make sure to incorporate a system of accountability that helps to ensure that court staff are following the policies and procedures put in place to ensure fairness and equity.
Work with local organizations to coordinate events and activities that promote the court system and its commitment to
Make sure to create an online presence for the court system to help increase public awareness and engage with the community. These are just some of the ways that you can create a plan to increase sensitivity training and visibility in the community.